Let’s start with memes, because they’re extremely easy to make.

Check out the Meme Generator at Imgflip.

We’ll make one together as a group, and then I’m going to ask you to meme something on your own (or in small groups is fine). As an added challenge, try to think of a meme that relates to your course content.

This works just fine on mobile platforms.

Please share your memes to our SPLOT. (Hey, Brenna — what’s a SPLOT?)

If you make Dr. McGregor laugh, you win a prize.


Animated GIFs take a little more time, but not much.

We’re going to use Giphy. You can make an account if you like (it’s not FIPPA compliant!) or use my super clever fake account information:

email: fake@fakes.com
username: PubTest
password: PubTest

Again, we’ll do one together, and then you’re on your own. Giphy can be a little finicky and may ask you to reload. Be patient; it’s for the lolz.

It works on your mobile devices in-browser, but you’ll have to use a video clip saved to your phone (less than 20 sec) or a series of still images.

Again, please share your GIFs to our SPLOT.